April was a Busy Month for the new SB group!

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April 5, 2012:  Our First Official MIXER!

We gathered at the Kelly house on the Mesa (SB Heifer HQ!) for hor d'oeurves and wine to get to know each other, swap ideas and watch some educational videos for inspiration for the Earth Day Festival booth.

In attendance were some key state and national players:  Frances Hale (Southwest Regional Volunteer Coordinator) and Lydsay Tellefson (Associate Director of Philanthropy for the western region.)

Anne Martin and Annie Debruynkops, leaders of the Santa Barbara High School Heifer Club (60+ members strong!) enjoyed the videos and brought them back to school to share with other members at their April meeting.

Frances Hale and Dick Immel

Pat and Sheryl Kelly, Stephanie Rivera (SB AVCs)

L to R:  Lyndsay Tellefson,  Anne Martin,  Dan Weldy,  Annie Debruynkops,  Doris Frey,
Frances Hale,  Dick Immel,  Sheryl and Pat Kelly at the Kelly's home (HQ!)
    Dan Weldy from Ventura arrived on the scene a bit later.  He was on a mission to get a substantial donation submitted.  Seems that a series of communications remained unanswered, so mystified and frustrated he decided to drive all the way up to HQ to see what was up.
    He wasted no time after introductions at the door to let it be known that he needed to get this donation to the SBHS club, so that was easy:  we had him turn a corner in the house and voila! there sat team Anne/Annie for an immediate and direct connection!
    Eyes grew wide and faces brightened as the three realized who each other were.  Turns out that there was some kind of type-o miscommunication about a phone number and a wrong e-mail or some such, so after angry "don't call here again!" phone responses to the girls and unanswered emails for Dan, the donation finally met its intended destination.
    Dan must be commended for not giving up and making the effort to come up to HQ.

We hope that you can make it to our next mixer in August:  kids always welcome.  We have good eats and wine and great company!  Look for the upcoming e-vite.


April 21 and 22:  
The Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival 2012

Nina from the SBHS Heifer club and Dick Immel man the booth on Sunday.

We got a great spot right next to a wild roaming turkey named Pilgrim, with whom Pat Kelly bonded so deeply that his wife, Sheryl began to wonder.....

After Saturday, Pat gushed about Pilgirm for weeks to anyone who would listen, with a big smile of admiration.

In addition to entertaining our volunteers, Pilgrim gets big kudos for attracting a bevy of people to our booth all weekend long, so we were able to pass on the Heifer message to even more listeners than usual.   Thanks, turkey!

Sheryl and Dick Immel gaze lovingly at Pilgrim, a big, proud turkey of a bird. (Pat is taking the picture.)

Stephanie Rivera, Mirra Tubiolo (SBHS club) with our bee,
and booth visitors, Sofia and Adela, on Sunday.

We educated many folks about Heifer's great work and gave away lots of catalogs so that Santa Barbara can be a bigger part of ending world hunger, one alternative gift at a time.

Children had fun playing
our animal husbandry trivia game,
winning our very attractive pencils and

As usual, folks flocked to the booth to add to their collections of our ever popular Wear the Mission buttons.

A hearty THANK YOU goes to Dick Immel!Hardcore volunteer Dick manned the booth BOTH days, Sat and Sunday, including clean up!  
His ties to Heifer go way back, starting in the '40s, when his older brother hitchhiked across the US in his boy scout uniform to work as a  "seagoing cowboy" "on the second ever ship to deliver heifers to Poland after WWII.

Dick Immel with the new educational info board.

We are excited to connect with all the people who signed up on our volunteer list and hope that together we can grow awareness of the great work done by Heifer and of the alternative gift giving option.


SBHS Heifer Club's April Event

The clincher in their quest to earn An Ark

On Sunday, April 29, 2012 the successful Santa Barbara High School Heifer Club held its last event of the school year at Alameda Park.  

Beneath a deep blue sky, the kids set up a raffle, a cake walk, an informational booth, a donation booth,  a bunny petting zoo, and the pièce de résistance: two lamas, on loan from club member Mirra Tubiolo's aunt up in the valley.

Peace Cake
 Sophia Hampp, Daniel Guerrero,
and Taylor Fraker
at the cake walk station.

The raffle station was run by Kelly Johansson,
Lydia Nelson, and Kate Van Donge (not pictured)

Team Anne/Annie

Anne Martin and Annie Debruynkops, above, who ran the event, said "We had a very successful event. We had our cake walk, raffle, bunny, alpacas, information station, and devoted club members to help us raise $2,410 dollars at the event!"

This put the total school year earnings for the club at more than $6000, enough to earn yet another ark as well as have money left over for next year's endeavor!

Congratulations!! Way to go DONS!

So that was April.  Whew!  A lot going on.  

We are on hiatus May, June and July.  Stay tuned for upcoming good stuff in August.

SB Heifer wishes you a Happy Summer!
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March 31, 2012

It's been a busy month of preparations, meetings, training and brainstorming for the new Santa Barbara Area AVC's!    We got together a booth, set up events, and learned to blog and mass e-mail with pictures embedded.  Heifer has forced us to become tech-savvy.  Steep learning curve!

Sheryl Kelly, with husband Pat, and Stephanie Rivera showed up with the sparkling new booth at the Saturday 3/3 downtown Farmer's Market.  This was the premier of the Heifer booth at this venue, sort of the virgin tour!

Our goal with this booth is to keep the community apprised of the goings-on at Heifer, educate our regular visitors about alternative gift giving,  and make Heifer a household name and the go-to charity in Santa Barbara!

We had a lot of visitors curious about Heifer, got several enthusiastic volunteer sign-ups, and amongst the quarters and $1 bills, we even got a $5 bill slipped into our piggy bank from an adorable 5 year old girl visiting from Israel.  The bank isn't full yet, but when it is, we will be giving the booty to the Santa Barbara High School Heifer Club, who already raised an Ark last school year!  (See previous blogs.)  So next time you see us, look for the piggy and give generously with your spare change...maybe another Ark will be forthcoming this year!

What's an Ark??  You can probably guess if you don't already know, but check it out here to understand what a big deal it is to raise and ark:

surprise awaited us at the end of the day:  Santa Barbara resident Dick Immel found us while shopping and stopped for a while to tell us a little history about Heifer:  his brother, Daniel, was one of the original Sea-Going Cowboys !!!!  We are so pleased to welcome him and the eight other visitors who signed up to be in our new volunteer group.  Dick will be giving us photos and journal entries from Daniel's adventure to share with you all.  How lucky is our group to have a direct connection to Heifer's history!  What a coincidence that Dick happened by at our very first official SB event.......stay tuned for more info about Daniel's journey.

If you don't know what a Sea-Going Cowboy is, check out this link: 

Dick Immel and Stephanie at the new booth, Saturday, March 3

A  big thanks to Sheryl Kelly for putting together the booth kit!  
For those of you who visited, you could see how great it looked.  We have several additions planned to make the booth a fun destination at the Farmers Market every month, even if you came by last month!

Sheryl has also hooked us up for space at the SB Earth Day Festival on Sat and Sun, April 21 & 22.  We are looking for any volunteers who can help us man the booth for the two days.  If you are not on our volunteer list yet, email us at   heifersantabarbara@gmail.com     if you want to be.

Finally, we sent out an e-vite to everyone on our list for our first social event on Th, April 5 at 6:30 PM:  a Meet and Greet Mixer at the new SB Headquarters (Sheryl and Pat's house on the Mesa.)  If you want to come hang out with us and sip wine while talking Heifer, email us and we'll send you an e-vite!

Stay tuned for our news from Earth Day!

Happy Spring!

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3 New AVC's for Santa Barbara & Ventura

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Greetings Everyone,

January has been a busy "behind the scenes" month for our volunteer group and we're finally starting to wrap up our Area Volunteer Coordinator (AVC) transition!
Over the last two years, our volunteer group has grown substantially and we've been able to expand our outreach in both Santa Barbara and Ventura County. Because of this expansion, I am pleased to announce that our larger Santa Barbara/ Ventura group of Heifer International Volunteers will branch into two separate groups this year! The Santa Barbara group will be led by AVC's Sheryl Kelly and Stephanie Rivera and the Ventura group will be led by AVC Shari Tarnutzer. Please join us on Thursday, February 16th from 7-8:30 pm at the Free Methodist Church in SB as we welcome the new AVC's and have our last meeting as the Santa Barbara/ Ventura chapter. You will also have an opportunity to meet our Community Volunteer Coordinator, Frances Hale and Associate Director of Philanthropy in Santa Barbara, LindsayTellefson.

Thank you again for all of your support over the last two years! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on the 16th!

Meeting location and contact info:

Free Methodist Church
1435 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, on the Mesa.
We will be meeting in the lower Fellowship room from 7pm-8:30pm

Contact Sheryl Kelly w/ questions at:
heifersantabarbara@gmail.com or

With gratitude,

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Moo, Cluck Cluck, Bzzz!

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The "Heifer animals" hit the road and are currently on display at the Santa Barbara Central Library! Come by and check out our display case and learn more about what livestock, seeds, trees and bees can do to change the world of hunger and poverty.

The "Heifer animals" will be on display for the entire month of January. CLICK HERE for directions to the library and hours of operation.

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Winter Alternative Giving Events BIG Success!

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Ventura County Heifer supporters dug deep into their piggy banks on Saturday and helped our volunteer group raise more than $800.00 towards ending hunger and poverty around the world! Thanks to everyone who came out to the downtown holiday fair and who bought "alternative" gifts for their loved one's this holiday season. A special thanks to the great Ventura volunteers for helping to make this event so special!
And... the amazing club from Santa Barbara High School teamed up with SB's First United Methodist Church to host a MEGA alternative giving event! Together they collected over 1,500.00!! Way to go SBHS Heifer Club!

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